Popular Hermit Falls at Chantry Flats Can be Dangerous


Hermit Falls has been a source of awe and danger. – Photo by Bill Harrington


While Hiking LASD Advises: Take Extra Precautions By Deputy William Harrington Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. Coordinator, Temple Station Hundreds of people visit the San Gabriel Mountains; and Chantry Flats is just one of many destinations in the mountains (Angeles National Forest). There are several good hiking trails and small waterfalls to visit. Chantry Flats is at the end of Santa Anita Avenue above the cities of Sierra Madre and Arcadia. Parking is limited to three small lots. You will need an Adventure Pass (available at the Pack Station).


To visit Chantry Flats, you will need an Adventure Pass available at the Pack Station. – Photo by Bill Harrington


Hermit Falls is the most popular destination at Chantry Flats. The pool of water draws hundreds each weekend. This spot has been plastered on social media as a place to come and jump from the rocks into the pool of water below. There are dangers associated with jumping into the water at Hermit Falls. The Sierra Madre Search & Rescue Team, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Sierra Madre Fire Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Air 5 rescue helicopter) spend countless hours, money and resources responding to Chantry Flats nearly every weekend dealing with various injuries associated with people who jump from the rocks into Hermit Falls. These injuries have ranged from sprains to major trauma and even death. Although it looks tempting to jump into the water, please do not become a statistic and risk dying. Another popular destination is Sturtevant Falls (pictured). It is just shy of a two mile hike from the parking lot. The trail passes many privately owned cabins and ends and the bottom of the falls. The trail does cross the creek several times but is a great family hike. From the pictures, you can see the beauty of our forest. But far too many people are not respecting this beautiful place. The best practice is to take everything out that you brought in and go a step further by picking up a piece of trash on your way out. If everyone does their part, this gem of a spot will continue to be a great place to visit. Overflow parking is allowed on the road leading to the parking lots. However, there are several issues to point out. If you park along the roadway, you MUST not block the street in any way. If any portion of a vehicle is over the white lines, it may be cited (towed in extreme cases). There are signs posted (NO PARKING) along the mountain side of the road. However, they are not currently being enforced. If you chose to park on the mountain side, a word of caution…rocks do fall and your car may get damaged. For additional information about Chantry Flats:

April 26, 2017

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